Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Portfolio-Prep graduation

I am proud to say that we are having our first formal graduation as part of a closing reception for the Portfolio-Prep  students. I posted the colleges and grants along with scholarships awarded to my students. Very impressive! Lots of hard work and time by me and my students went into accomplishing this.

Kyle’s Art /Kyle Blumenthal
Graduating class in Portfolio-Prep 2015

List of acceptance as of January 22, 2015

Student #1 will attend - Massachusetts College of Art and Design
                              The School of Visual Arts -
                              Virginia Commonwealth
                              Hunter College
                              Massachusetts College of Art and Design - 
                                    Scholarship for $10,000.00 per year
                              Pratt Institute
                              Syracuse University, college of Visual and Performing arts, School of  
                              Art and Design with a $20,000.00 scholarship for each semester.
                              Parsons The New School For Design

Student #2 – will attend - Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY – Photography major
                       Maine College of Art - $16,000.00 per year scholarship
                       School of Art Institute of Chicago - $15,000.00 per year scholarship
                       School of Visual Arts
                       Pratt MWP Utica
                       Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
                       Fashion Institute of Technology

Student #3 – will attend - Maine College of Art
                          Pratt Institute Upstate - $12,500.00 Merit Scholarship per year (two year  
                          program, transfer to Brooklyn campus.
                          Pratt Brooklyn Campus-Presidential Merit-based scholarship
                          $16,000.00 per year
                          School of Visual Arts - $50,000.00  (12, 500.00 per year)
                          Enhanced chairman’s Merit Award-over the course of 4 years.
                          Parsons – Dean’s BFA scholarship $14,000.00 and BFA scholarship 
                          of $20,300.00 amount to $34,500.00 in total per year!
                          Maine College of Art – MECA Presidential scholarship $20,000.00
                          (One of top five candidates for “free tuition scholarship competition).

Student #4 –will attend - Rhode Island School of Design-Brown Dual degree Program
The campuses of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design are literally next door to each other on College Hill in Providence. Students from both schools have long been able to cross-register for classes, receiving full credit from their home institution for courses taken at the other. Now a cross-institutional program is underway, one that allows talented students to complete a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) from Brown and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree from RISD over a five-year period.
To earn the dual degree, students must apply to both schools, be accepted to both schools, and then complete the degree requirements for both schools. Once admitted to the program, students have full access to Brown’s excellent programs in the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Hi Kyle!

I’m unsure if you remember me, but I’m Sebastian - I was in your Portfolio Prep class about two years ago. As I am graduating high school and going off to college, I just wanted to give you a sincere thank you for all of your help throughout the class. It was really the fundamentals that you taught me that gave me the foundation for the art I make today, although my art is now vastly different from the paintings and drawings I worked on as a Freshman/Sophomore. Furthermore, the technically rigorous work that I produced in you class really completed my portfolio - and it is with that portfolio that I was accepted to and will be attending the RISD-Brown Dual Degree Program. Thank you so so much, and I wish you the best as both an incredible artist and teacher!


Sebastian Niculescu

Student #5– will attend Marist-Fashion Program –
(private student)

Student #6 - will attend Vassar College – Double major in English and Studio Art – (private student). Received many praises for her portfolio and that it was the best they have ever seen. And she should apply for art scholarships.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A thank you from portfolio student

Dear Kyle,

I apologize for not keeping in touch.
Your class changed my views on art in such a way that I now appreciate forms of art that I never bothered to notice before.
I had taken previous art classes where I was put in a room and was told to draw various objects over and over to develop technique. But it was tedious and made me develop a hatred for still life drawing.
But when you taught still life drawing, you encouraged us to go out and find something interesting that WE wanted to draw and left us to our own devices, giving us instruction only when we truly needed it and thus allowing us to discover our own style naturally.
I will always appreciate this gift that you've given me and I hope to see you again some day.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

P.O. BOX 444, STONY BROOK, NY 1179O-0444
www.kylesart.com / kyle@kylesart.com

Spring 2013 registration for Pre-College Portfolio Prep opens today, April 2, 2013

Enrollment Limits: Registration is based on a first come/first served basis. Unless otherwise noted, student limits are as follows: Adult and Portfolio Preparation classes 10 students per class. Note-this is so that we can fit into the temporary space.

Transfers: Requests to transfer to another course such as morning to afternoon is fine. Just let me know in advance.

Student Absences fees: Please check your calendar for all class dates before registering. Students who are absent will NOT receive a refund or art school credit but should contact Kyle to discuss make-up options.

Processing fees: A $25.00 processing fee will be charged to cover the cost of any returned checks.

Cancelled courses: Kyle reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient registration. In this case a full refund, in the original form of payment, will be issued to any students enrolled in the cancelled class.

In the event of inclement weather or instructor absence, classes will be cancelled. They will be rescheduled during intercession.

Spring 2013 Class DATES

April May June July
Saturday 20, 27 4, 11, 18, 25 1, 8, 29 6, 13 (make up day if needed)

July 13th. If I need to make up a cancelled class because of inclement weather or Instructor absence.

Adult Painting-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Friday- 10-12:30 pm
$225.00 for ten classes – Now in session. Held at the National Art League with Kyle Blumenthal

Adult Painting-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Friday- 1:30-4:00 pm
$225.00 for ten classes – now in session. Held at the National Art League, 44-21 Douglaston Parkway, Douglaston NY 11363 with Kyle Blumenthal

Pre-College Portfolio-Prep
Friday- 4-7:00 pm
$300.00 – 5 day payment option = $150.00
Saturdays at the Nassau County Museum of Art with Kyle Blumenthal

Please mail checks to Kyle Blumenthal, P.O. Box 444, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0444

Please notify me by email as to which class you are registering for and you are mailing your payment. If needed, some payments may be given to me on the first day of class.

Parking suggestions, emergency cards and photo releases will be emailed.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The following workshop is offered to all High Schools in Suffolk County through the Eastern Suffolk BOCES. I am currently working on offering it through the Nassau County BOCES as well.

Ins & Outs of Portfolios for College Admissions

Kyle Blumenthal’s ‘Art Portfolio Prep for College Admissions’ workshop provides promising high school art students with tools needed to help them gain traction to pull ahead in the competitive college admission process. Students will receive individualized instruction on producing and presenting a properly formatted admission portfolio that reflects both personal style and artistic skill. They will also learn how to knowledgeably write and speak about their own work, as well as participate in mock college interviews.

About the Instructor:
Blumenthal is an experienced art education specialist. She holds a BFA in Painting and Art Education from Pratt Institute and a MA and MFA in Painting from C.W. Post College. She has also served as part of the Art/Art History faculty at Empire State College and was recognized for her artistic achievements in 2007, when New York Foundation for the Arts named her a Mark Fellow. Currently, she teaches painting and leads a portfolio program (which she created) at the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn, New York.


➢ One-day intensive pre-college portfolio preparation program or a four-day workshop taught at your High School, this includes but is not limited to:

• Portfolio critiques (group and individual) workshop

• Mock college interviews

• Confidence building exercises

• Instruction on essay writing and formatting art descriptions.

• Portfolio formatting for effective portfolio presentation.

• Individualized planning

• Question and Answers with a review of colleges and their requirements.

For more information about the workshop:

Kyle Blumenthal, BFA, MA, MFA
Phone/Fax: (631)689-6741 Email: kyle@kylesart.com
Websites: www.kylesart.com and nyfamark/section/164247_kyle_blumenthal.html
Mail: P.O. box 444, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0444
The following letter is from one of my Pre-College Age Portfolio-Prep graduates.

Goooood Afternoon Kyle!

I'm loving Parsons and I haven't even been here a week. I also recently received another scholarship, making that a total of $10,000 in scholarship per semester here at Parsons. Thank you. SO much! Nothing could have been accomplished without your help, guidance, and instruction. You're the greatest.

Also, I would be honored if you used my work in the online student gallery. Thanks!!!!!!

How are you? How's the museum's Sandy recovery?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

A few letters of appreciation from my portfolio students:

“I had a wonderful learning experience with Kyle. She has been my Professor for both Color Theory and Pastel Drawing. Her expertise in the field and ability to express that knowledge has been extremely informative. Her enthusiasm and her great personality made me look forward to seeing her. Kyle has always made meetings convenient for me and made the lessons work appropriately for my career as a teacher at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is a great Instructor and needs to be acknowledged for her work at Empire State College.”

“Thank you so much for all your instruction, dedication, and care. I don’t know how else I would’ve unlocked my passion for painting without your help. Seeing how you help guide other students on completely different paths lends me to believe that you are the sorting hat of the art world. I can’t wait to return and tell you all about my time at RISD. I will continue to recommend to you people in search of lessons and can only hope they will benefit as much as I did.”

“Kyle is a hidden gem among art instructors, someone who pushes her students beyond their capacities. She is the first teacher that guided me towards original artistic expression”.

Kyle showed me how to work like a professional. Unlike most teachers, she doesn’t give assignments, but allows her students to come up with their own ideas. Before I created any painting in her class, I would first present my thumbnails and references. Kyle would correct things that do not work, making a scribble here and there in an effort to make the drawing personify my concept. In the midst of presentations such as these, she would pop grand questions such as: what do you intend to do with your talent, or what is your purpose? Kyle forces you to use parts of your brain that almost never get used at such a young age. Even at age eleven, I was beginning to understand the fact that art is not about making pretty pictures, but is a continuous battle to express oneself. She helped me discover who I was through the journey of painting.

My relationship which Kyle did not end after my student years at the Usdan center came to a close. She helped me assemble a scholarship portfolio for college, and I converse with her frequently over the phone and at the Usdan Cener where I currently work as an assistant teacher. I like to call her my second mother. Our relationship may seem unique, but Kyle goes to great depths to accommodate many of her students. She is a genuine person who exemplifies the true gold standard in education.”

“It was William Arthur Ward who said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The great teacher demonstrates. The superior teacher inspires.” Professor Kyle Blumenthal inspires and I am grateful to SUNY-Empire State College for hiring people of such integrity, who provide such inspiration.”

“I just want to make sure you know how much I appreciate your guidance and support. You give me such great confidence and faith in myself. You really have done so much for me Kyle, and I’m not even a student anymore! Then again, maybe since you’ll always be teaching me and sharing me things I’ll always be a student-kind of. Working outside of A6 made me realize what a rare and beautiful person you are. Kyle, and what better role model to have than you? Again, thank you for everything-though it may seem small and at times, just a pat on the back, means the world.”

“I did not sleep last night and I keep thinking about everything you taught me yesterday.

I learned more in eleven hours than I have in many, many, many, of my prior courses.

After I come home from California, I will write you with more detail regarding things I am thinking about and want to accomplish.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. As if you didn’t already know, there is something very special about you. Happy New Year to you and your family!”

“I wanted to come to see you and tell you everything instead of just emailing you. I went to the museum Friday because I thought you might be there but you weren’t. I got into all of my schools that I applied to and most of them with scholarships. I got into Drexel, Moore, Fordham, Hofstra, Pratt, Parsons, FIT, Marist, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Stony Brook, and one other school I can’t even think of the name right now. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and all the extra time you have spent with me! I’m still not sure where I am going but I have to decide soon and I will defiantly let you know what I do. I still want to come in to the class and say hi to everyone also.”

“I’m doing really well I started class Monday actually! I ended up at FIT! I love it so far but it’s a lot of work.”

“I have some exciting news, despite getting rejected from RISD, I did get accepted at Parsons the New School for design with a full scholarship. I had a couple of interviews and showed my portfolio and they loved it. I can’t believe that I will be going there this fall.”