Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Portfolio-Prep graduation

I am proud to say that we are having our first formal graduation as part of a closing reception for the Portfolio-Prep  students. I posted the colleges and grants along with scholarships awarded to my students. Very impressive! Lots of hard work and time by me and my students went into accomplishing this.

Kyle’s Art /Kyle Blumenthal
Graduating class in Portfolio-Prep 2015

List of acceptance as of January 22, 2015

Student #1 will attend - Massachusetts College of Art and Design
                              The School of Visual Arts -
                              Virginia Commonwealth
                              Hunter College
                              Massachusetts College of Art and Design - 
                                    Scholarship for $10,000.00 per year
                              Pratt Institute
                              Syracuse University, college of Visual and Performing arts, School of  
                              Art and Design with a $20,000.00 scholarship for each semester.
                              Parsons The New School For Design

Student #2 – will attend - Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY – Photography major
                       Maine College of Art - $16,000.00 per year scholarship
                       School of Art Institute of Chicago - $15,000.00 per year scholarship
                       School of Visual Arts
                       Pratt MWP Utica
                       Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
                       Fashion Institute of Technology

Student #3 – will attend - Maine College of Art
                          Pratt Institute Upstate - $12,500.00 Merit Scholarship per year (two year  
                          program, transfer to Brooklyn campus.
                          Pratt Brooklyn Campus-Presidential Merit-based scholarship
                          $16,000.00 per year
                          School of Visual Arts - $50,000.00  (12, 500.00 per year)
                          Enhanced chairman’s Merit Award-over the course of 4 years.
                          Parsons – Dean’s BFA scholarship $14,000.00 and BFA scholarship 
                          of $20,300.00 amount to $34,500.00 in total per year!
                          Maine College of Art – MECA Presidential scholarship $20,000.00
                          (One of top five candidates for “free tuition scholarship competition).

Student #4 –will attend - Rhode Island School of Design-Brown Dual degree Program
The campuses of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design are literally next door to each other on College Hill in Providence. Students from both schools have long been able to cross-register for classes, receiving full credit from their home institution for courses taken at the other. Now a cross-institutional program is underway, one that allows talented students to complete a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) from Brown and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree from RISD over a five-year period.
To earn the dual degree, students must apply to both schools, be accepted to both schools, and then complete the degree requirements for both schools. Once admitted to the program, students have full access to Brown’s excellent programs in the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Hi Kyle!

I’m unsure if you remember me, but I’m Sebastian - I was in your Portfolio Prep class about two years ago. As I am graduating high school and going off to college, I just wanted to give you a sincere thank you for all of your help throughout the class. It was really the fundamentals that you taught me that gave me the foundation for the art I make today, although my art is now vastly different from the paintings and drawings I worked on as a Freshman/Sophomore. Furthermore, the technically rigorous work that I produced in you class really completed my portfolio - and it is with that portfolio that I was accepted to and will be attending the RISD-Brown Dual Degree Program. Thank you so so much, and I wish you the best as both an incredible artist and teacher!


Sebastian Niculescu

Student #5– will attend Marist-Fashion Program –
(private student)

Student #6 - will attend Vassar College – Double major in English and Studio Art – (private student). Received many praises for her portfolio and that it was the best they have ever seen. And she should apply for art scholarships.