Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pre-College Portfolio: An answer to your prayers!

I have started this blog to reach out to young Artists in need of help in preparing their portfolios for admission to Art Schools. I call myself the Portfolio Queen. For many years I have coached students with their portfolios and helped them in the entire admissions process. My students have received the highest rating of 10 on their portfolios. Most receive scholarships to the schools of their choice. I had one student that was admitted on the spot to every school she applied to with one painting. I have many stories to tell and much to share.


To encourage student's creative vision.
A grounding in drawing, painting and fundamental visual communication skills.
Introduce a broad scope of methods, materials and techniques in a variety of media.
The students are encouraged to develop conceptual talent and a visually distinct voice.
Provide photographic documentation for college entrance.
Provide advice and encouragement in all areas and career avenues.
Help in the completion of a presentation portfolio.
Advice in the interviewing process.
Help with essays if needed.
To encourage individuality in each student's work.
Assistance for Pre-College age students wishing to pursue the Arts as a career goal.
Gearing each student's portfolio towards their individual career paths.